Buyer Beware!

Toner Pirates Are Currently Active!


Toner Pirates represent themselves as being affiliated with your equipment supplier. (Example: ComTec Computers). They will state that you should “Act now” because your toner prices are about to increase drastically. They will also, lead you to believe that they are holding a toner order (placed by your company) and they need your authorization to release it for shipping.


1. The toner prices will be 3 or more times the true retail price.

2. The Invoice will arrive but the toner order never will.

3. The toner (if it actually does arrive and isn’t a dead cartridge) will most likely be of inferior quality, which can damage your equipment and invalidate your warranty and maintenance contract on your equipment.


1. Do not give your equipment information, like make, model or serial numbers, over the phone.

2. Request the person's name, the company name, and a phone number.

3. Contact ComTec Computers to verify the authenticity of the call.

(705) 264-1351